Custom made

Asorted leather products: -Cowboy action shooting -Hunters -Sport competetive shoters -Other leather products


Give me a call, or send me an email if you are interested in some of the products in the gallery, or want a specific tailored equipment. Im open for sugestions and wishes. Prices depend on amount of work and materials. The lowest entry level CAS rigs will be 2950 NOK an upwards. Competition "gamers" rigs with aluminium reinforcement between two layers of leather for extra strenght and stiffness will be from 5500 NOK and up, depending of patters and decorations. Shootgun belts and bandoliers can be made to match the CAS rig. Price will vary from 2250 NOK for an ordinary 10 loop shotgun belt, and from 3750 NOK for the bandoliers. Other products will have price upon request:)

How to meet

I participate in local CAS shooting events in Norway, together with swap meets and some fairs, and are open for visit in my workshop for a view and a talk:)